Parshas Ki Seitzei

The beautiful woman at war, mirrors, the Gr”a in the Torah, and Amalek … Ki Seitzei

The yeitzer hara, war in the beginning and end of the parsha, when to send the mother away … Ki Seitzei 5768

Rav Shwab’s tow types of mitzvos and the Ben Sorer U’moreh … Ki Seitzei 5769

Amalek vs. the yeitzer hara, fighting the yeitzer hara … Ki Seitzei 5770

Not everything is permitted, Marriage vs. divorce … KiSeitzei 5771

Shiluach Hakan and Amalek … KiSeitzei5772

The real bechor, the word “get” and shiluach hakan again … KiSeitzei5773

Wearing women’s clothing … KiSeitzei5774

Hanging someone overnight … KiSeitzei5775

The Chalitza process – KiSeitzei5776

Lashon Hara! Remembering Miryam – Ki Seitzei 5777

Mamzerim – how did it get this bad? – KiSeitzei5778

Riding with Kilayim – how it works and what it means – KiSeitzei5779