Pesach 5779

Shfoch Chamascha and Eliyahu Hanavi – Pesach5773

How do we know the brachos were given on pesach? – Toldos5774

The greatest divrei Torah you will ever hear about Lavan – Kisavo 5771

All about Nirtzah – Pesach – Nirtzah

Rebbe Yehuda’s simanim – Pesach5777

Arami Oveid Avi! – KiSavo5777

A shiur on different ideas from the Chasam Sofer – ChasamSoferHaggada5778

Echad Mi Yodea (why are we singing a kids’ song) – EchadMiYodea5778

Seeing Egypt dead on the shores of the Yam Suf – what really happened was… LastDaysPesach5778

From Pauper to Prince – the History of the Jews – Pesach5779

Parshios Tazria-Metzora

The Eighth day of millah and what is tzaraas … Tazria-Metzorah – 5767

The order of parshios and tzaraas is like death … Tazria 5768

Rav Hirsh on tzaraas and Tzaraas nowadays … Metzorah 5768

Is it physical or spiritual? Contagious? 2 types. And Geichazi… Tazria-Metzorah 5769

Tumas laida and why we don’t have tzaraas nowadays … Tazria-Metzora 5770

Tzaraas at two very different times … Tazria 5771

The peddler asking “who wants life” … Metzora 5771

5 different ideas about tzaraas … TazriaMetzora 5772

The four lepers and the guard; Elisha … TazriaMetzorah5773

Tzaraas of clothing … Tazria5774

Hints to Mashiach in the parsha … Metzorah5774

If a person is entirely white (The following is only a text, no audio) – Tazria-Metzorashiur5775

Bris Millah on the 8th day – Tazria5776

The two birds and making him tahor – Metzora5776

Tzoraas of houses- does it ever happen?? – TazriaMetzora5777

Why the Kohanim?? Why them? – TazriaMetzora5778

Isn’t giving birth enough of a Kaparah? – Tazria5779

Tzaraas in houses? It’s really all about you! – Metzorah5779


Perakim 1 and 2 – Megillas Esther1 (in pshat and drush)

Perakim 3, 4, and 5 – Esther2

6 – 10 – Esther3

The Amazing Drashos on Megillas Esther – Purimnight5777

Five divrei Torah – Mordechai together with Esther, Haman’s real claim, Mordechai would never bow, Mordechai is from Yehuda, and why Haman never killed Mordechai – Purim5778

Why would Achashveirosh tax the people in the end? – Purim5779


Parshas Shemini

Short divrei Torah – Shemini – 5767

Short divrei Torah – Shemini 5768

Shmini 5770

Shmini 5771

Why Nadav and Avihu died and how eating tamei things makes you tamei … Shmini5772

Kohanim drinking wine and Timtum Halev … Shmini5773

All about the birds … Shmini5774

Aharon’s silence – Shemini5775

The signs of Kosher Animals – Shemini5776

The 8 shratzim and the fiery salamander – Shemini5777

The Hyrax and the rabbit – it’s not what you think – Shemini5778

Bugs and a Large Vav – Shemini5779

Parshas Tzav

Short divrei Torah… Tzav – 5767

Zrizus and chesron kis and the Ksav Sofer’s handkerchief … Tzav 5770

Rav Yaakov’s 3 types of people and the maalos of a kohein Gadol and his children … Tzav 5771

Maalos of torah over korbanos and chad gadya’s connection to korbanos … Tzav 5772

Everyone brought the same korban and everyone fit in the area… Tzav5773

Learning Torha is like bringing a korban … Tzav5774

Korban Todah … Tzav5775

Zrizus and chesron kis – Tzav5776

Forgiveness without a prayer – how menachos worked – Tzav5777

The crazy shalsheles and the thumb of the Kohein –Tzav5778

How did they all fit in such a small space? – Tzav5779


Parshas Vayikra

Short divrei Torah – Vayikra – 5767

Short divrei Torah – Vayikra 5768

What did Moshe bring to the Mishkan? Also, what is the point of each of the korbanos? – Vayikra 5769

Small Alef, we get the secrets of the Torah, the lessons of Vayikra (3 stories) and “mikem” – Vayikra 5770

To be called and prepared; if you had listened, you would have heard it, korbanos of a goy and a jew – Vayikra 5771

Intoduction to Vayikra, why we should know about korbanos, and Moshe’s nevuah … Vayikra 5772

Vayikra wihtout the alef, Moshe’s humility, and the bnai Aharon … Vayikra5773

Salting our korbanos … Vayikra5774

The small Alef … Vayikra5775

The Nassi is prone to sin – Vayikra5776

Fighting the yeitzer hara and the North – Vayikra5777

A “sweet savory smell” for Hashem – Vayikra5778

Lying is a terrible thing – Vayikra5779

Parshios Vayakhel Pekudei

Fire on Shabbos and Betzalel … Vayakhel Pekudei – 5767

Shabbos … Vayakhel 5768

Numbers of the Bais Hamikdash and 1775 shekel kesef … Pekudei 5768

Making the mishkan or the keilim first … Vayakhel-Pekudei 5769

How repeating everything is a form of hischadshus … Vayakhel-Pekudei 5770

The kaparah for the Aigel Hazahav and women donating to the mishkan … Vayakhel 5771

The remez of the mishkan and the difference between a Mishkan and the Bais Hamikdash … Pekudei 5771

Was there enough donations? The Bais Medrash was added to it, and Moshe’s bracha when they finished … VayakhelPekudei 5772

Moshvosaichem and bracha falling on something that is counted … Vayakhel-Pekudei5773

The men and women came together … Vayakhel5774

Moshe’s bracha to klal yisroel … Pekudei5774

The women and the Kiyor … VayakhelPekudei5775

Why so repetitive and the “wisdom” of the animals – Vayakhel5776

All about the gold – Pekudei5776

The mistake of the Nesi’im – VayakhelPekudei5777

Gathering Bnei Yisroel for Shabbos – Vayakhel5778

When to say something and when not to say something – Vayakhel5779

The Glory of Hashem hidden in a cloud – Pekudei5779

Parshas Ki Sissa

Betzalel and what really happened at the Aigel … Ki Sisa – 5767

The half shekel and the secrets of the Aigel … Ki Sisa 5768

How bad the sin of the golden calf was … Ki Sisa 5769

Doing an avairah lishma and the dances were the worst part … Kisisa 5770

No malach hamaves, how could they kill Chur? Also, the point of the second luchos … KiSisa 5771

Rehashing the Aigel Hazahav … KiSissa 5772

“Zeh” and the Sattan darkening the world with Moshe’s death … KiSissa5773

Moshe’s mask … KiSissa5774

Yehoshua and Moshe argue what they heard in the camp … KiSissa5775

Seeing Hashem’s “Face” – KiSissa5776

Erasing Moshe from the sefer – KiSissa5777

Why would Moshe break the Luchos (what was the point?) – KiSisa5778

Lords of the Earrings – KiSissa5779

Parshas Tetzaveh

Moshe’s neshama and the stones of the choshen … Tetzaveh – 5767

Moshe’s neshama, the Urim V’tumim, and the Tzitz Hakodesh … Tetzaveh 5768

Moshe missing, clothes, the Ner Maaravi (and Chanuka)… Tetzaveh 5769

Shemen zayis and “owning” ourselves … Tetzaveh 5770

“Kosis lamaor” and the Choshen and its letters… Tetzaveh 5771

Moshe’s holy neshama and the Aron/Menorah (Torah) … Tetzaveh 5772

The word Tetzaveh and why donations were needed … Tetzaveh5773

How to use the Urim V’Tumim … Tetzaveh5774

The holy Tzitz Hakodesh … Tetzaveh5775

The Me’il – Tetzaveh5776

The Mizbeiach Haketores- what is it doing here? – Tetzaveh5777

The Awesome Ephod – Tetzaveh5778

Can Rashi and Rambam argue on Tannaim? The Avnei Ephod and who was written on them – Tetzaveh5779