Parshas Pinchas

Kavah and Kubah, the 24,000 and the neshamos of Pinchas … Pinchas – 5767

Pinchas and his decision to be a Kanai … Pinchas 5768

A kohein that kills and the definition of mesiras nefesh … Pinchas 5769

Pinchas being rewarded, and what it means to become Eliyahu … Pinchas 5770

Tzlafchad and getting to the 50th level … Pinchas 5771

Eliyahu Hanavi and Pinchas … Pinchas5772

It’s a “din” that Pinchas should get his reward in this world … Pinchas5773

Appointing a new leader over the Jews … Pinchas5774

The broken vav in the word Shalom … Pinchas5775

What does Elokei Haruchos mean? – Pinchas5776

The 70 Bulls of the Nations – Pinchas5777

A special place in Gehinom for the sons of Korach – Pinchas5778

Parshas Balak

The reason for Parah Adumah, ,Miryam dying as a kaparah, the story of Og, Balak and Bilaam … Chukas-Balak 5756

Balak and Bilaam – who they were … Balak – 5767

Calling the parsha Balak, the “bird” of Balak, and “who will live from Shmuel” … Balak 5768

What does a kaparah mean? And what did Balak see that others didn’t see … Chukas-Balak 5769

Balak becoming King, and the curses/blessings of such a person… Balak 5770

Ignoring G-d’s signs (Donkeys talking) … Balak 5771

An ox licking up vegetables from the ground … Balak5772

Cursing instead of blessing, changing G-d’s mind, and a malach of Hashem that came to him … Balak5773

The magic they held in their “hands” … Balak5774

Baal Peor – what it all meant … Balak5775

The Donkey spoke – what was the point? – Balak5776

Magic has no affect on us!! – Balak5777

Bilaam’s vision of the future – Balak5778

Why would Bilaam want to bring Korbanos? Bilaam’s daas – Balak5779

Parshas Chukas

A kaparah of the Parah Adumah and Miryam’s death, Og, and who were Balak and Bilaam … Chukas-Balak 5756

The real reason for the Parah Adumah, the reason for hitting the rock, and what happened in Edom … Chukas – 5767

What does a kaparah mean? And what did Balak see that others didn’t see … Chukas-Balak 5769

A chok, to act like you’re dead to the world to learn Torah, the miracle of the opposites, and the Nachash … Chukas 5770

Death by neshikah, and why we needed Mei Meirvah … Chukas 5771

The Netziv and Kedushas Levi on Mei Merivah … Chukas5772

To live for the Torah (and not to die), and using the word “morim” to describe the Jews … Chukas5773

Sending messages to Edom … Chukas5774

Why bring the staff to a water party? … Chukas5775

Isn’t a snake on a pole Avodah Zarah? – Chukas5776

You can’t get Amalek to change his spots… – Chukas5777

A river filled with blood and guts – Chukas5778

How anger can simply destroy you – Chukas5779

Parshas Korach

Korach’s issues and his claims, where he came from, and why Yaakov wanted nothing to do with this … Korach – 5767

Moshe doesn’t daven for them here, and why Korach did what he did … Korach 5769

Why the Mezuzah? What will be with Korach in the future, and why Rebbe Akiva holds he’s gone forever … Korach 5770

Korach’s speech, what he could have been, his hypocrisy and his tikkun… Korach 5771

The differecnes between the two generations, and Korach’s denial of chesed to others … Korach5772

The depth of Korach, and a mashal to understand it all … Korach5773

Moshe fell on his face … Korach5774

The ground opened up… Korach5775

Aharon’s staff with flowers and almonds – Korach5776

Hashem wanted to destroy them in one moment – The G-d of all spirits – Korach5777

Dasan and Aviram – why they were so great and what took them down – Korach5778

How does Ketores stop a plague? – Korach5779

Parshas Shelach

Why Miryam had to die, where they traveled in Eretz Yisroel, and the grapevine … Shelach – 5767

The Rmaban, the shevatim help9ing them out thru gilgulim, and the Mapilim … Shelach 5768

Were they tzadikim or reshaim? … Shelach 5769

The yud for Yehoshua, bikurei Anavim, and using your yietzer hara for good … Shelach 5770

What the meraglim were thinking… Shelach 5771

The people weren’t ready for this, and the “tree” in Israel … Shelach5772

Davening for Yehoshua, 40 years for 40 days, and how they could mess up this badly … Shelach5773a and Shelach5773b

Kalev’s trip to Chevron … Shelach5774

The yud is added on to Yehoshua … Shelach5775

The Mekoshesh – Shelach5776a and Shelach5776b

GIANTS – are they really that big? – Shelach5777

The real Grapes of Wrath – Shelach5778

Why would you go in when G-d says no? – Shelach5779

Parshas Behaaloscha

Small divrei Torah… Bha’aloscha6_15_06

Menorah. backwards Nun, Moshe’s problem wit hthe Jews, the Cushis Woman … Behaaloscha – 5767

How they could sin this badly and “Chinam” … Behaaloscha 5768

The future Chanuka and the 7 sifrei Torah … Behaaloscha 5769

Nachshon- his greatness and his fall, what the Jews thought, and the missing sefer … Behaaloscha 5770


Traveling throughout the land, the most humble of men and the trait of humility … Behaaloscha5773

The Manna – what it tasted like and why they complained about it … Behaaloscha5775 (mp4) and Behaaloscha5775 (mp3, missing last three minutes)

Isha Kushis – Behaaloscha5776

Eldad and Meidad – who in the world are they? – Behaaloscha5777

STOP COMPLAINING!!! – Behaaloscha5778

Why Yehoshua wanted them dead – Behaaloscha5779

Parshas Nasso

The miracles of the Sotah and birchas Kohanim … Nasso 5756

Sotah and shtus, Nazir, and Shimshon’s power … Naso 5768

Nazir and the haftarah … Naso 5769

176 pesukim and the Nazir’s hair (kedusha) … Naso 5771

“Nesiim” and the differences between the different gifts at the end … Nasso5772

Nazir, Sotah, repeating the Nesiim … Nasso5773

Birchas Kohanim: the word Koh … Nasso5774

The miracle of the Sotah water … Nasso5775

Gershon’ greatness – he’s “also” counted – Nasso5776

Nesanel’s korban (and his great advice) – Nasso5777

She gets to have a child after this? – Nasso5778

The bracha of the Guardian – Nasso5779

Parshas Bamidbar

Many small divrei Torah… Bamidbar 5756

Deuel and Numbers … Bamidbar I and Bamidbar II

2 headed people and more … Bamidbar 5768

Connecting to zadikim and the real numbers… Bamidbar 5769

The real counting of bnai yisroel (continued form last year) and Zevulun/Sivan … Bamidbar 5770

Achdus out of individuals and calendar problems. .. Bamidbar 5771

Why the numbers? Also, their yichus … Bamidbar5772

Degalim … Bamidbar5773

All about their camps … Bamidbar5774

Nadav and Avihu added on here … Bamidbar5775

Why the desert? – Bamidbar5776

Counting by the head – and what happens when you do so – Bamidbar5777

The Impossible Numbers of the Leviim (why so small?) – Bamidbar5778

Something is missing here – a lesson for Reuven and Shimon – Bamidbar5779

Parshios Behar Bechukosai

Shmittah and Rebbe Akiva … Behar Bechukosai 5756 (5766)

Bitachon and Olam Haba … Behar-Bechukosai – 5767

Har Sinai, the gift of Shemittah … Behar 5768

Ohr Hachaim story and the Meshech Chochmah … Bechukosai 5768

Why specifically shemittah? … Behar-Bechukosai 5769

Really being free, and going down before you go up … Behar-Bechukosai 5770

Everything is from Hashem … Behar 5771

Taavos are a killer, the power of one Jew … Bechukosai 5771

Where is our rewar din Olam Haba? … Behar-Bechukosai5772

Brachos and the tochecha … BeharBechukosai5773

Stone floors … Behar5774

Yaakov’s extra vav … Bechukosai5774

Shmittah and Har Sinai … BeharBechukosai5775

Letting your brother live (without interest) – Behar5776

42 pshatim fro mthe Ohr Hachaim – Bechukosai5776

Food: Eating a little is really a lot – BeharBechukosai5777

3 years promised to us? That makes no sense! – BeharBechukosai5778

You want the Geulah? First be a Goel! – Behar5779

I’m walking with Hashem! – Bechukosai5779      Adendum (Getting rewarded in this world as well as the next) – Bechukosai5779Addendum