Parshas Tetzaveh

Moshe’s neshama and the stones of the choshen … Tetzaveh – 5767

Moshe’s neshama, the Urim V’tumim, and the Tzitz Hakodesh … Tetzaveh 5768

Moshe missing, clothes, the Ner Maaravi (and Chanuka)… Tetzaveh 5769

Shemen zayis and “owning” ourselves … Tetzaveh 5770

“Kosis lamaor” and the Choshen and its letters… Tetzaveh 5771

Moshe’s holy neshama and the Aron/Menorah (Torah) … Tetzaveh 5772

The word Tetzaveh and why donations were needed … Tetzaveh5773

How to use the Urim V’Tumim … Tetzaveh5774

The holy Tzitz Hakodesh … Tetzaveh5775

The Me’il – Tetzaveh5776

The Mizbeiach Haketores- what is it doing here? – Tetzaveh5777

The Awesome Ephod – Tetzaveh5778

Can Rashi and Rambam argue on Tannaim? The Avnei Ephod and who was written on them – Tetzaveh5779

Parshas Terumah

Great gematrios and the materials for the Mishkan … Terumah – 5767

Short divrei Torah… Trumah 5768

Must be done lishma … Terumah 5769

Mishkan and Mikdash and the point of it all … Trumah 5770

The Kruvim … Trumah 5771

Atzei Shittim and Techashim … Trumah 5772

The kedusha of the money … Trumah5773

Doing it lishma … Terumah5774

Tolaas Shani and the purpose of the Mishkan … Terumah5775

The Tachash/Unicorn … Terumah5776

The purpose of the Shulchan – actual:   Terumah5777   and other:    TerumahLIVE5777

The Paroches – the purpose of a separation –  Terumah5778

The Stones of Miluim – Terumah5779

Parshas Mishpatim

Short divrei Torah… Mishpatim – 5767

Lifnim mishuras hadin and magic … Mishpatim 5768

Eved ivri – why call him that? … Mishpatim 5769

Crazy hornets … Mishpatim 5770

The mishpatim of Hashem and how Torah affects Gamshmius, plus doctors … Mishpatim 5771

Another bit about “ivri” and everything really being chukim, plus Torah changing over the years… Mishpatim 5772

The malach that is with us as well as the Mai Hashiloach on slaves … Mishpatim5773

Naarei bnai yisroel bringing korbanos … Mishpatim5774

Why start with a Jewish slave? … Mishpatim5775

An eye for an eye – Mishpatim5776

Doggie Heaven (why we throw Traifos to them) – Mishpatim5777

Seeing G-d does not mean that they saw G-d – Mishpatim5778

The Malach who was supposed to join Klal Yisroel – Mishpatim5779

Parshas Yisro

Many small divrei torah … Yisro – 5767

What did Yisro hear? and other divrei Torah … Yisro 5768

Our derech eretz and theirs …. Yisro 5769

Gershom, our job to learn, and trying to be like Shammai on Shabbos … Yisro 5770

Yisro saw what he had to do, and why he’s happy now … Yisro 5771

The process of Torah Shebe’al peh … Yisro 5772

Yisro’s shock, Moshe’s judging abilities, and the mitzvha of Hagbalah … Yisro5773

Carried on eagles’ wings … Yisro5774

The story of Gershom, son of Moshe … Yisro5775

Why Yisro wanted judges … Yisro5776

The great shofar blast at Har Sinai – Yisro5777

Why can’t I have what he’s having? – Yisro5778

We are the “treasured” nation – Yisro5779

Parshas Beshalach

The Pelishtim and 50 miracles of krias Yam Suf … Beshalach 5767

Pelishtim, women singing and the mann … Beshalach 5768

The Yam and its power, and kishuf … Beshalach 5769

Dasan and Aviram … Beshalach 5770

The Pelishtim and Baal Tzafon … Beshalach 5771

Krias Yam Suf and all of the miracles … Beshalach – Yamsuf

What happened with the Bnai Efraim … Beshalach 5772


Crazy stuff about Baal Tzefon … Beshalach5774

Chamushim – armed or 1/5 of the Jews left … Beshalach5775

The bitter waters of Marah sweetened – Beshalach5777

Miryam starts a song – Beshalach5778

The 12 and 70 – the point of the city Eilim – Beshalach5779

Parshas Bo

Short divrei Torah … Bo – 5767

Short divrei Torah … Bo 5768

Many divrei Torah … Bo 5769

More divrei Torah … Bo 5770

“Coming to Paroh” and Tefillin … Bo-Skokie – 5770

Locusts and darkness and Moshe’s only fear … Bo 5771

4/5 of them died (what does that mean?) … Bo 5772

Lots of divrei torah put together … Bo5773

Who killed the first born – Hashem or the malach? … Bo5774

430 years in Egypt (How could they have been there so long?) … Bo5775

The crazy Locusts (how bad could that be?) … Bo5776

Darkness surrounded them – Bo5777

The Dogs would not Bark – Bo5778

The gods of Egypt – Ra and ??? – Bo5779

Parshas Vaera

All the makkos … Vaeira – 5767

The “Avos” and names of Hashem … Vaera 5768

They cried out and the staff turning into a snake … Vaera 5769

“I am Hashem” and the hail Vaera 5770

The difference between the Names of Hashem … Vaera1 5771 and Vaera2 5771

The sefarim they had and what happened to magic … Vaera 5772

The level of “koh” and hail again … Vaera5773

All about the Blood … Vaera5774

All about the Frogs … Vaera5775

All about the Lice … Vaera5776

The wild animals of Arov and the land they were on – Vaera5777

The plague to end all plagues – Vaera5778

Double Double Boil and Trouble – Vaera5779

Parshas Shemos

Short divrei Torah … Shemos – 5767

Short divrei Torah … Shemos 5768

Moshe Rabbeinu being pulled out from the tumah of the world … Shemos 5769

The 49th level and feeling stuck; the staff/snake … Shemos 5770

Three midrashim about Moshe Rabbeinu and how to understand them … Shemos 5771

Moshe’s job to stay away from gashmiyus; Tzipporah’s only words in the Chumash … Shemos 5772

Lack of Hakaras Hatov by Paroh; Moshe being born three months early … Shemos5773

Taking his shoes off … Shemos5774

The burning bush … Shemos5775

Shifra and Puah … Shemos5776

How did Moshe get out of Egypt? And why did Paroh try to kill him? – Shemos5777

The Name that Kills – Shemos5778

Why would Moshe want a Snaky staff? – Shemos5779