Parshas Eikev

“V’haya” and the word eikev, their clothes, and a portion in Torah … Eikev – 5767

Reward for mitzvos, to “afflict us”, and shiurim of the Torah … Eikev 5768

The word “eikev” and what G-d wants from us … Eikev 5769

No giving up, the intention behind the mitzvah, and Hashem’s guarantee … Eikev 5770

The second luchos and the second Aron … Eikev 5771

When was Moshe told to make this Aron Kodesh? … Eikev5772

Manna and Bread, the death of Aharon and breaking the Luchos, and writing a song … Eikev5773

The magical clothes of the Midbar … Eikev5774

How to have yiras Hashem – 100 brachos a day … Eikev5775

What’s so special about Eretz Yisroel? – Eikev5776

Longer days and longer years – Eikev5777

40 days of tefilla – Eikev5778

Parshas Vaeschanan

515 and the word “Rav” … Vaeschanan – 5767

How Moshe wanted to get in, and our wisdom by learning Torah … Vaeschanan 5768

“Ba’eis hahi” and watching your health … Vaeschanan 5770

The cities of refuge … Vaeschanan 5771

Moshe’s tefilla and not being able to hear Hashem telling them the Aseres Hadibros … Vaeschanan5772

Adding and taking away mitzvos and using all your money for Hashem, plus the famous Rebbe Akiva drasha … Vaeschanan5773

It’s too much for you Moshe! … Vaeschanan5774

What’s the “laimor”? … Vaeschanan5775

Keeping yourself healthy – Vaeschanan5776

Are you allowed to daven to the Angels? – Vaeschanan5777

Real Facetime with Hashem – Vaeschanan5778

Parshas Devarim

Ramazim within the first pasuk, “Larov” without a vav, and the age of 13 – Devarim 5756

Mussar as a remez, the names of the places they went, going to the North … Devarim – 5767

The seder of the sefarim, to “all” of the Jews, and the mountains … Devarim 5768

Sefer Devarim and why it’s different … Devarim 5769

The Aigel  was last, you can’t or you won’t, and the extra vav in Yehoshua’s name… Devarim 5770

Og Melech Habashan … Devarim 5771

Teaching them the methods, preparing them for the land, Mussar being given with hints … Devarim5772

Moshe’s worry in writing this sefer … Devarim5773

Why did Moshe die before entering the land… Devarim5774

Continuing last year and turning to the North away from Edom … Devarim5775

The land of Di Zahav – Devarim5776

Og vs. Moshe (or The Hulk vs. Antmen) – who wins the kedusha battle? – Devarim5777

What even Moshe Rabbeinu could not handle – Devarim5778

A revisionist history of the Meraglim – Devarim5779

Parshios Mattos-Masai

Short Divrei Torah – Mattos Massai – 5767

Short divrei Torah – Matos 5768

Short divrei Torah – Massei 5768

The heads of mattos and the war against Midyan – Matos-Masei 5769

The purpose of making nedarim and the power of our words – Matos-Masei 5770

The thousands that went to war and Moshe’s anger – Mattos 5771

Why we need the Masaos here – Massai 5771

Kedushas Levi on nedarim and Gad before Reuven – Matos-Masai5772

These two parshios are together and watching your mouth – MattosMassai5773

The death of Bilaam … Matos5774

Traveling through the desert … Masai5774

Moshe died after fighting Midyan … MattosMasai5775

The sheep of Gad and Reuven – MattosMassai5776

Pinchas goes to war – why him?? – MattosMasai5777

42 and 6 – Krias Shema and the cities of refuge – Masai5778

Divding up the land is never easy – MattosMasai5779

Parshas Pinchas

Kavah and Kubah, the 24,000 and the neshamos of Pinchas … Pinchas – 5767

Pinchas and his decision to be a Kanai … Pinchas 5768

A kohein that kills and the definition of mesiras nefesh … Pinchas 5769

Pinchas being rewarded, and what it means to become Eliyahu … Pinchas 5770

Tzlafchad and getting to the 50th level … Pinchas 5771

Eliyahu Hanavi and Pinchas … Pinchas5772

It’s a “din” that Pinchas should get his reward in this world … Pinchas5773

Appointing a new leader over the Jews … Pinchas5774

The broken vav in the word Shalom … Pinchas5775

What does Elokei Haruchos mean? – Pinchas5776

The 70 Bulls of the Nations – Pinchas5777

A special place in Gehinom for the sons of Korach – Pinchas5778

Who was Kozbi and Tzur? – Pinchas5779

Parshas Balak

The reason for Parah Adumah, ,Miryam dying as a kaparah, the story of Og, Balak and Bilaam … Chukas-Balak 5756

Balak and Bilaam – who they were … Balak – 5767

Calling the parsha Balak, the “bird” of Balak, and “who will live from Shmuel” … Balak 5768

What does a kaparah mean? And what did Balak see that others didn’t see … Chukas-Balak 5769

Balak becoming King, and the curses/blessings of such a person… Balak 5770

Ignoring G-d’s signs (Donkeys talking) … Balak 5771

An ox licking up vegetables from the ground … Balak5772

Cursing instead of blessing, changing G-d’s mind, and a malach of Hashem that came to him … Balak5773

The magic they held in their “hands” … Balak5774

Baal Peor – what it all meant … Balak5775

The Donkey spoke – what was the point? – Balak5776

Magic has no affect on us!! – Balak5777

Bilaam’s vision of the future – Balak5778

Why would Bilaam want to bring Korbanos? Bilaam’s daas – Balak5779

Parshas Chukas

A kaparah of the Parah Adumah and Miryam’s death, Og, and who were Balak and Bilaam … Chukas-Balak 5756

The real reason for the Parah Adumah, the reason for hitting the rock, and what happened in Edom … Chukas – 5767

What does a kaparah mean? And what did Balak see that others didn’t see … Chukas-Balak 5769

A chok, to act like you’re dead to the world to learn Torah, the miracle of the opposites, and the Nachash … Chukas 5770

Death by neshikah, and why we needed Mei Meirvah … Chukas 5771

The Netziv and Kedushas Levi on Mei Merivah … Chukas5772

To live for the Torah (and not to die), and using the word “morim” to describe the Jews … Chukas5773

Sending messages to Edom … Chukas5774

Why bring the staff to a water party? … Chukas5775

Isn’t a snake on a pole Avodah Zarah? – Chukas5776

You can’t get Amalek to change his spots… – Chukas5777

A river filled with blood and guts – Chukas5778

How anger can simply destroy you – Chukas5779

Parshas Korach

Korach’s issues and his claims, where he came from, and why Yaakov wanted nothing to do with this … Korach – 5767

Moshe doesn’t daven for them here, and why Korach did what he did … Korach 5769

Why the Mezuzah? What will be with Korach in the future, and why Rebbe Akiva holds he’s gone forever … Korach 5770

Korach’s speech, what he could have been, his hypocrisy and his tikkun… Korach 5771

The differecnes between the two generations, and Korach’s denial of chesed to others … Korach5772

The depth of Korach, and a mashal to understand it all … Korach5773

Moshe fell on his face … Korach5774

The ground opened up… Korach5775

Aharon’s staff with flowers and almonds – Korach5776

Hashem wanted to destroy them in one moment – The G-d of all spirits – Korach5777

Dasan and Aviram – why they were so great and what took them down – Korach5778

How does Ketores stop a plague? – Korach5779